Most frequent asked Questions - mostly conserning the shop


Here you can find answers to the most common questions that people ask me, so please check before asking me.
But you are always welcome to send me an e-mail, if you have a question :)
you can write me directly on: pedersen_johanne(a) or use the form in "About me" (see menu)


The list here will be regularily updated, as I am asked new questions :)                                                                       (is faster for you)
I usually check my e-mail at least once a day, so I will try and answer you asap.


Where are you sending from?


I am situated in Denmark, Europe. Currently living on the Island called Fyn.


What is the shipping cost?


Unfortunately the shipping cost in Denmark is not cheap, and the exact price depends on shipping method, the weight of the package and destination. I do give discounts on shipping if you buy for more than $50 - the more you buy, the bigger discount.


Do you take comission requests?


Yes I do. However I have limits of what I can possible do, but people are welcome to send me request and I can then see if I can do it. I only work with the size range of Tinies to 80cm in clothes.


Do you accept layaways?


yes I do. But I will first start to work on the comission/send items when the entire amount is payed. The lenght of the layaway will be agreed upon individually between me and you. Deadlines will be agreed upon, but if something comes up/prevents payment on the agreed date, just let me know and well figure something out.


Will you refund?


I only refund if the item has not been shipped yet, or if I haven't started work on the comission.
I will not be responsible if items are lost or damaged under shipment (it is the buyers choise weather to send it insured or not), but I will ofcause do my part to prevent it, through proper packaging.