... ups ~ temptation got the better of me...

Okay, so last weekend at the meet, my sister got me. She's been wanting for me to join the Peakswood army for some time now - and even more after my other sister joined... And now I am going to join as well... I've admired the beutifull bluegray coller of my sister's PW Alice, and then they had to come and release Hunky Dory... And I was sold. I've always wanted a doll that had stitches around her mouth, and parts of her body, with a bit of circusish clothes and face-up - but until PW's Hunky Dory, none have really cought my eye for such a character... But Hunky Dory is just perfect ~ those lips<3

So now she is on a layaway (for a year or so) in bluegray for me XD this is the beauty:


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